First post

This first post has been created on this helper site to help me locate my son Alexander,  The main site address is

Alex was born on 10th June 2005 in the Royal Berks Hospital Reading. His mother now calls herself Lisa Ann Mcbride and they are believed to be living in the bawdrip area, Somerset.

I have not seen alex since 2013 and his mother refuses to pass on my messages or allow me to speak to him. I will not waste more time and money on the corrupt court system, so this site will at least allow him to reach me when he is old enough to be out of his mother’s control.

If you know this teenager, or he goes to your school, then please get in touch or at least let him know the page exists.  That’s all I ask.

Alex. If you’re reading this, then I’m sorry that things are the way they are.

You’ll always be my son.



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